Coffee, a quick Tutorial


Last week we had a stunning shooting with Marie-Luise, who is an actress in a classical way. We already worked with her last year, and it was time to do another shooting for her and our portfolio. The shot was taken with an Canon EOSR and Elinchrom equipment. 

The editing has been done in Photoshop with the use of two additional textures and finished in Lightroom. We would like to post a few lines about our workflow and how we did the composing, which is a pretty easy one. So also for Beginners.

The Exif Data can be seen in our Youpic gallery, if someone is interested in, nothing special to be honest. Shot was taken in Studio, a grey background was used. It also should work with a white one if no neutral grey is available.

Additional Textures used: Rawexchange ( unfortunately the store was closed a few days ago. 

In a first step, we optimized the body shape a little bit, especially the area of the left arm and some minor beauty retouching.

In a second step, we added some smoke and blend it with the background. So a realistic mix of smoke and the background color comes up.

In a third step we added the coffee spil and masked it according to the coffee cups edges. This layer also has been duplicated to add a stronger color and saturation.

the final image

In a final step we used ACR to add some color grading.

Finally, that’s it. Have fun creating your styles

All the best